Bradley School Success

Specialized education for students who need academic, social, and emotional support

Measuring Student Success

Every student’s home district has its own criteria for determining when a child is eligible to leave the Bradley program and return to his or her traditional classroom. These criteria often include regular attendance, demonstrated behavioral improvements, meeting academic standards, and achieving their IEP goals. It is important that students prove they are reliably capable of meeting their goals within the smaller and more predictable environment of The Bradley School before they attempt to fully return to the larger and often more distractible environment of their home district.

All students aged 14 or older also participate in intensive and individualized transition planning that helps them develop their career preparation skills. Through the use of the Daniel Memorial Curriculum/Independent Living Skills Curriculum, our specialized AZTEC career readiness curriculum, on-campus internships, community outings, and structured daily living activities, students develop the communication and organizational skills they will need in the workplace.

The Bradley School also partners with local businesses and organizations that enable individual students to safely transition to off-campus internship experiences.

What Is The Bradley School’s Student Success Rate?

On average, students attend The Bradley School for one to one-and-a-half academic years before fully returning to their home district. Over the past five years, students at The Bradley School have had a 99.9% success rate in achieving a full return to their home district.