The Bradley School

Specialized education for students who need academic, social, and emotional support

The Bradley School Is Making a Big Impact!

During the 2022-2023 school year, we’ve educated over 130 students from 74 different schools across more than 45 districts!

How does Bradley help students succeed? The numbers tell the story:

Learning That Makes a Difference

Students who suffer from mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders often struggle to learn in traditional classroom settings. They might have trouble paying attention or following directions, or their strong emotions may lead to challenges with interpersonal relationships. Students in these situations will benefit from a different kind of academic experience that helps them address the underlying challenges which keep them from succeeding in class.

The process of learning at Bradley provides a caring and compassionate student experience for every child who is referred to our school.

Take a look inside The Bradley School and see why our unique approach to learning makes such a big difference in student success.

“The Bradley School accepted a student from our district who had experienced great difficulties attending school. When we considered outside placement for the young man, I told his family that I had faith your program would be a good fit and promised that we would all work together to address the challenges that he was experiencing. That faith has been justified.

I am delighted to report that our student is now attending school regularly, making friends with his peers, and even talking about trying to join the district’s basketball team. In addition, this young man had never previously been able to ride the school bus because of anxiety issues. He is now riding the district buses unaccompanied both ways. For a student who missed more than 100 school days, this truly is an extraordinary accomplishment that represents enormous progress for this young man, and both his family and the district are truly appreciative.”

Jessica Taylor

Director of Student Services, Avonworth School District

Voices of Bradley

Amanda Tobias, Principal of The Bradley School