Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Who does The Bradley Center serve?

The Bradley Center primarily provides treatment services to boys and girls ages 6-18 who are experiencing emotional, developmental, and behavioral health challenges. Many of the children at Bradley have also experienced trauma.

Why are children referred to The Bradley Center?

Children are referred here because of Bradley’s reputation for working successfully with children and adolescents to help them overcome emotional and behavioral health challenges.

How can I refer a child for treatment at Bradley?

Please visit our School or Residential Treatment pages for more information about referring a child.

Is The Bradley Center an accredited facility?

Yes, The Bradley Center is accredited nationally by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Its policies and procedures reflect the high standards of state and federal laws and regulations.

How many children live at The Bradley Center?

The total number of children living in our residence is usually just below our maximum licensed occupancy of 104. 

Are the children at Bradley allowed to remain in contact with their families?

Yes. While children are at The Bradley Center, they are able to maintain contact with their biological, foster, or adoptive families, or other caregivers.

What happens when a child is successfully discharged from their treatment at Bradley?

After they leave The Bradley Center, most of the children return home to their biological families, while others may go on to live with foster families or to other community-based programs.

How long do children stay at Bradley?

The average length of stay is 8 to 10 months in our Residential Treatment Facilities, and 1 to 1.5 school years at The Bradley School, but this varies depending on individual needs. Bradley youth are served by teams of qualified mental health and child development professionals, including board certified psychiatrists.

The Bradley School FAQ

How many students are in each classroom?

With our recent expansion, The Bradley School is licensed to serve up to 261 students. However, individual class sizes remain small with no more than 12 students per class.

Is there a dress code, or a list of items that my student is not able to bring while attending The Bradley School?

Due to the therapeutic component of The Bradley School, there is a dress code. A permitted items list that the students must adhere to is outlined in the Student Handbook.

If my child already has therapy, can they still have school-based services at The Bradley School?

If commuter students receive community-based therapeutic services, they are still able to meet with a Bradley School therapist on a frequency as determined by the IEP team. Bradley School therapists and staff are also able to collaborate with community-based services as requested by the family and student.

Are meals provided to my child as a part of the school day?

Breakfast and lunch are provided to all students free of charge as a part of the program at The Bradley School. Meals follow the Federal School Lunch Program and lunches include choice of entrée, vegetable, fruit, milk, and water. Commuter students also have the option of packing a lunch to bring from home.

How will I know that my child is receiving a quality education?

All academic classes follow the common core curriculum as outlined by the PA Department of Education. While lessons are delivered at a student’s instructional level, the lessons are also designed to provide access to grade-level material. Frequent communication among all stakeholders is imperative for student success.

Donor FAQ

How can I support the mission of The Bradley Center?

There are so many ways to Build Lives of Possibility at Bradley!

We rely on community donations to provide for the many expenses that are not otherwise paid for by public funding. These expenses include clothing, toys and recreational materials as well as outings, educational field trips, birthday and pizza parties for the children. Donated funds are also necessary for program development, research and capital needs.

You can donate by check, made payable to The Bradley Center, and mailed to:

The Bradley Center
5180 Campbells Run Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

You can also donate online here.

What items can I donate to the children at Bradley?

While the children at The Bradley Center require a special kind of care to help them overcome their challenges, they are still just children. They need toys, books, movies and clothes. They enjoy playing games and sports. They like to express themselves using their creativity through music and art. These items truly do make a difference in helping them learn, heal, and grow.

Can I donate gift cards?

Absolutely! We collect gift cards so that the children can shop throughout the year for items that they need and want. Some of the most helpful gift cards are those that can be used at Amazon, Five Below, Target, and Walmart.

I have gently-used clothing and items that I no longer use. Can I donate them to The Bradley Center?

No. Due to health and safety regulations, we are unable to accept used clothing, used linens, or used stuffed animals. Please be mindful of the quality of the items that you donate. Many of our children have never had new toys or clothes; donating new items reminds them that they have worth.

Are there items that the children are not allowed to have?

Yes. Because the children are learning to control their aggression and self-harming tendencies, we are extremely cognizant of any items that could be used to hurt themselves or others. Please refrain from donating the following items:

  • Glass or sharp objects, including mirrors, pencil sharpeners, pencils or paint brushes with any type of metal or spiral notebooks
  • Items that involve glue or staples, such as models, certain coloring books, or canvases
  • Electronics that have voice or video recording, camera or WiFi capabilities
  • Steel-toed shoes, hoodies, clothing with strings (excluding shoe laces) or scarves
  • Art or craft supplies that contain sharp objects, such as knitting, crochet or sewing needles
  • CDs with a Parental Advisory or Explicit warning
  • DVDs/Blu-Rays rated R or NC-17
  • Video games rated M (this “mature” rating is the equivalent of an R-rated movie)

If you are unsure of the safety or appropriateness of any items you would like to donate, please contact us.

Can I make a contribution to The Bradley Center through The United Way?

Yes. You can give to Bradley through The United Way by using Contributor Choice #211.

How will I know the impact of my gift?

We would love to have you visit and see firsthand the impact of your generosity! Please contact us to schedule a visit and tour of our facility.

How can I help make the holidays brighter for the children at Bradley?

You can learn all about joining our annual Holiday Gift Drive on our Donate page.

No time to shop? We also accept financial contributions to help support our holiday programs!

Volunteer FAQ

I would like to volunteer directly with the children. What opportunities do you have available?

You can visit Bradley and spend an hour with the children in the evenings, Monday – Thursday, doing whatever children love to do! Basketball, kickball, karaoke, crafts, playing board games and building Legos are just some examples. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

I have a team of employees that would like to spend a day giving back to the community. Are there opportunities for us at Bradley?

Of course! Volunteer groups at Bradley work on various projects, from painting bedroom walls and landscaping to building closet doors and repairing fencing. We also have less labor-intensive projects throughout the year, such as helping with mass mailings and organizing our donations. We have had visits from groups as small as five and as large as 100+. Please contact us to schedule a Day of Caring for your company!

I am a student in need of volunteer hours for school. Can I help?

Yes, but you cannot work directly with the children. Due to state regulations, volunteers under 21 years of age are not permitted to interact with the children at The Bradley Center. However, we always need help in other areas, including administrative tasks, organizing donations, repairs, landscaping, and much more. You can also conduct a gift drive for specific items the children need, such as winter coats, art supplies, or board games. We always have opportunities for young volunteers who want to lend a hand — please contact us for more information.

I have court-ordered community service hours. Can I volunteer at The Bradley Center?

No. Because we are a residential treatment facility for children, we are unable to fulfill court-ordered community service requests.