Daily Life at the Bradley Residence

Helping children develop positive behavior

A Typical Day for Bradley Youth

The children and teens who live at The Bradley Center Psychological Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) have many opportunities each day to learn, play, connect, and heal. Here are some examples of what daily life is like for a Bradley Center child.

Waking Up

Starting the morning off right helps kids stay focused and energized throughout the day. This includes self-care tasks like washing up, getting dressed, eating a healthy breakfast prepared by the staff in our commissary, and getting their books and assignments ready for the school day.

Going to Class

Our PRTF youth can attend The Bradley School, a licensed on-site private school for elementary and secondary students that also serves commuter students with similar special needs. Their classes are taught by teachers certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), and their curriculum follows the same PDE guidelines as all other Pennsylvania public schools. Their classmates are a mix of fellow PRTF residents and students who attend The Bradley School during the day but who live elsewhere. Every student who attends The Bradley School follows an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) designed to help that child overcome his or her particular learning or behavioral difficulties.

Students enjoy a healthy lunch break during the school day, and a recess period where they can play games or take part in activities, and play outside during good weather. You can learn more about the Bradley School student experience here.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy is a crucial part of every child’s daily PRTF experience.

Sometimes, students visit one of our licensed therapists for one-on-one treatment during the school day. Other times, they join a group therapy session, either during the day or after school has ended. Every PRTF resident follows an individualized and structured care plan, which ensures that all children receive the personalized treatment they need to overcome their specific challenges.

You can learn more about the different kinds of evidence-based therapies that Bradley Center youth take part in here.

After-School and Off-Campus Activities

Our campus includes an outdoor playground, an indoor gymnasium, a computer lab, and other activity areas. Students who have made progress in their IEP and exhibited good behavior during the school day are rewarded by being able to participate in fun activities, often led by our volunteers. These can include making arts & crafts, playing games or team sports, reading and writing projects, and more.

Sometimes, kids may also take part in field trips, either as part of their school day or as an after-school activity. These outings can include fun places like The Carnegie Science Center, The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, The Pittsburgh Zoo, attending a Pittsburgh Pirates game, or having a pizza party.

Once a week, Bradley kids also get to enjoy a special visit from Moe the Therapy Dog!

Winding Down

Evenings are usually quiet times at Bradley. This is the part of their day when kids are free to listen to their own music, watch movies or play video games together, do homework, draw, read, or simply relax after an intense day of learning, healing, and making progress.

Then it’s time to sleep, so they can rest for another big day tomorrow.

Voices of Bradley

Dave Blough, Director of Facilities