The LOTUS Studio

The Bradley Center’s Creative Arts Center is known as the LOTUS Studio, which stands for “Loving Ourselves Through Unique Senses.”

The LOTUS Studio is a tremendous resource for healing. It includes a sensory room, music nook, recording studio, artistic expression room, and a large activity space that opens to an outdoor courtyard. Through expressive therapeutic modalities, children can create art that expresses their individuality and practice emotional regulation through yoga and drama.

The LOTUS Studio enhances the care that children receive at Bradley and provides many benefits for our community. One child shared, “I like to take all my stressors and throw it into art.” We love seeing how children give voice to their creativity through this space.

Bring me your stress or challenge, and I will offer you art. I will offer you the chance to play and relax — to paint, to dance, to sing, to write, to act… and through this, you will create change in your life.

Tish McAllise Sjoberg

Expressive Arts Therapist

We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude to those who made the nurturing LOTUS Studio space a reality through their generosity, including:

  • The H. Glenn Sample Jr., MD Memorial Fund
  • Massey Charitable Trust
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation
  • Portiuncula Foundation
  • Gifts from family in memory of Kevin Shea
  • Gifts from family and friends in memory of Gregory E. Schuster
  • Individual donors

Because of our generous supporters, countless children will have more options to explore healthy creativity and healing for many years to come.