Holiday Gift Drive

Brighten the holidays for our community’s most vulnerable children!

Many children who live at The Bradley Center have never known the joys of the Holidays. Help them experience the magic of the Holiday Season by supporting our Holiday Gift Drive! All they need is YOU to make their wishes come true!

The children at The Bradley Center can have a magical Holiday season, despite the obstacles they have faced – all they need is YOU to make their wishes come true!

The Bradley Center is dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children in our community. We believe that every child deserves to be loved and valued, and to have a happy, healthy childhood. The children at The Bradley Center have faced significant adversity throughout their short lives, and have missed out on many of the things that make a childhood special. Our priority is to make sure that every child at Bradley experiences all the wonders of childhood.

As always, we need the support of our community to accomplish this. You can bring joy to a child and brighten the holidays by making a financial contribution for use during the holidays or where most needed throughout the year.

Not only will your generous gifts and time provide what is needed for these children, it will show them that their community genuinely cares about them. What greater gift is there?

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of the children at The Bradley Center by completing the sign-up form or reaching out to Alysia Ellis at to help us build lives of possibility this season. Your kindness and generosity will ensure that all the children’s holiday wishes come true.

Volunteers for The Bradley Center HolidayGift Drive

What Happens After the Wishlists Are Complete?

While some volunteers acquire the wishlist items, other volunteers and donors help create a pop-up holiday gift shop where the kids can “buy” personal gifts for their families and loved ones, using donated funds. This helps ensure that every child at the Bradley Center learns the value of both receiving and giving.

Once all the gifts have been collected, our volunteers’ biggest job begins: wrapping hundreds of individual presents. Each year, our volunteers wrap over 1000 gifts for the children and over 1200 gifts for their families!

This makes December one of the busiest months at The Bradley Center, but also one of the most rewarding for our staff, volunteers, and residents. For children who have never been away from their families during the holidays, or who may feel lonely or homesick, our holiday gift drive brings joy to their lives and helps kids start to believe in the magic of possibility.

To volunteer as a gift-giver or a gift-wrapper, please contact us. (We can always use more help!)

A Special Note for Area Families in Need

Due to an unfortunate error in some holiday gift guides, The Bradley Center is sometimes incorrectly listed as an organization that provides toys or gifts for local children in the greater Pittsburgh community. This is not true. However, we do hope that all children can enjoy the holiday spirit. Any families who need extra help during the holidays are encouraged to visit the Salvation Army or Toys for Tots.