Part of the role of every good board member is to support the organization through leadership, financial contributions, and by spreading awareness of the organization and its mission to others. Jim Troup, during his recent 10 year tenure on the Bradley Center Board of Directors, exemplifies these three qualities. Jim provided financial support by having the organization he leads sponsor A Gathering of Chefs at one of the highest sponsorship levels this year. He also shared Bradley’s mission by bringing his friend, Tim Davis, to the event as his guest. Together, Tim and Jim contributed almost $20,000 through the event to support the children at Bradley.

Tim “bought” six silent auction packages and when he got to the checkout station, he generously rounded up his grand total by an additional $2,000. One of the highlights of the night was his purchase of a ceramic Christmas tree, handmade by Colleen Marches, valued at $100. Tim fiercely outbid everyone for a final price of $2,000! We hope Jim and Tim always come to A Gathering of Chefs as they continue to generously support The Bradley Center while having a great time too!