I recently had an uplifting conversation with a colleague who has worked at Bradley for many years. We talked about the growth that has occurred at Bradley, the impact of COVID on our community, and how rewarding it is to have the opportunity to work with kids and young adults. I left the conversation feeling profoundly grateful and proud to be part of our Bradley team.

The hard work, dedication, and positive impact we have made as we have navigated through challenges and changes embody the remarkable spirit of the Bradley community.

I feel immense gratitude for my colleagues, the children we serve, and the Bradley supporters that make our work possible. Integrating gratitude into our lives fosters a constructive outlook, empowering us to navigate challenges with optimism, and a genuine appreciation for the individuals we encounter on our journey. I find that practicing gratitude is an avenue to enrich our holistic health and contributes to our overall well-being, which creates a more enriching and supportive environment for the children and families at Bradley.

I am truly filled with gratitude to each of you. Thank you!