For more than a decade, Eaton and its generous employees have rolled up their sleeves each summer to completely transform the Bradley campus during an Eaton Day of Caring. For the past two years, this event was canceled due to safety concerns over COVID-19.  The volunteers’ absence is noticeable by the myriad of projects that need to be accomplished!

We are so excited that Eaton employees will be returning this June to complete a long list of maintenance projects that have accumulated since 2019! Approximately 100 volunteers will arrive early in the morning of June 30, and work hard all day painting the school, landscaping around Bradley’s campus, building a pergola for one of the courtyards, and much more! Because of their hard work, the Bradley campus will be transformed into a more joyful and beautiful place for the children to live and attend school.

Eaton is an essential corporate partner of The Bradley Center and provides for the children through grants, sponsorships, and various volunteer programs. We could not be more grateful for their kindhearted support over the years and are eagerly looking forward to this year’s Eaton Day of Caring!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or want to learn about other ways to get involved, please contact Minna Digon at or 717-543-7140.