“May I make a donation to ‘pay it forward’ for your next raffle?” asked Patti Gaunter, the winner of our first raffle of a Louis Vuitton bag. Yes, upon learning that she was the winner of the beautiful LV bag, her first thought was to give back. This generosity of spirit characterizes our choice, Patti, for Spotlight Donor.

Patti has been a faithful giver in support of the Bradley children for years. Her heart resides with the children, and she often donates when she knows that there is a need to enrich their lives. Her daughter, Colleen Fisher, was a widely regarded therapist and a favorite among the Bradley children for some years. Maybe that’s where Patti found the inspiration to enrich the kids’ lives. But even now that her daughter has left Bradley, Patti’s generous heart remains. Every child is grateful for her gifts.

Although many of Patti’s gifts are cash donations, Patti also shops for the children throughout the year when she finds a toy or sweatshirt or a book that she thinks the children would especially enjoy. Around the holidays, she drops off a carload of these treasures she has purchased for them throughout the previous months. She personifies the spirit of giving all year through.