The LOTUS Studio (Loving Ourselves Through Unique Senses) is our new and groundbreaking creative arts center.  It gives all who enter a therapeutic space to explore, enhance, and engage all of their senses.  Through expressive therapeutic modalities such as art, music, yoga, and drama, the children express their unique individuality through activities such as creating their own pieces of art and composing songs.  The children can learn emotional regulation through physical activities such as yoga and drama.  It provides children with the opportunity to learn and express themselves in a safe space which promotes grounding and creativity.  

The LOTUS Studio contains a sensory room, recording studio, artistic expression room, and a large activity space that opens to the courtyard to provide the opportunity for the children to grow their own plants.  The space also allow therapists and staff to engage in self-care and grounding techniques to ensure they are promoting the highest-quality care for the children.  We are excited to help the children heal from trauma, using a holistic person-centered approach to therapy and mindfulness, all by using the LOTUS Studio.