School libraries are supposed to be dynamic spaces where children go to learn, access resources, and become lifelong readers. The current library at The Bradley School is not that—yet!  With mismatched shelves, used books with yellowed pages, torn carpet, and uncomfortable furniture, it is an area that turns children away. Thanks to generous donors such as Chris and Tracey Roe and Laurie Vanselow with the Ladies of Charity St. Simon and St. Jude Parish, we have over 400 brand new books and more than $1,000 to provide our students with the library they deserve. With fresh paint and new flooring, comfortable seating and books that reflect their interests, the updated Bradley School Library will be a wonderful resource for our children.

Part of the renovation will include a special reading corner to cherish the memory of Barbara Armstrong. Throughout the years Barbara generously supported the children residing at The Bradley Center. After she passed away in October of 2021, her niece, Carrie Butler, began to collect donations to create “Aunt Barbara’s Book Nook.” This will be a vibrant corner of the renovated space, with a bright mural in tribute to Barbara. Within the nook will be cozy furniture for readers to sit and lose themselves in their books. Through the generosity of those who knew and loved Barbara, we have received over $2,000 and hundreds of books for the children at The Bradley Center. These resources will spark the imagination of our children and inspire them to write their own stories through their lives.