While forming the new Bradley Bisons basketball team, we found that most of the children had never been on a team before…or had a pair of basketball shoes! Thanks to Richard Goettle, Inc. and Vice President Ralph Pagone, as well as our friends Chris Stubna and Helping Hands from the Corpus Christi Parish in Bridgeville, each member of the team was able to choose new pair of basketball shoes. They were over-the-moon excited!

To celebrate Alex Blinn, manager of Pizzeria Davide in Robinson Township, sponsored a pizza party for the team and coaching staff! We are so grateful for this opportunity for the kids to experience a truly wonderful thing that kids often take for granted…the simple joys of a shared pizza after a basketball game! When thanked, Alex Blinn shared:

“There isn’t a word to describe how it felt to see the joy on the kid’s faces, but believe me when I tell you that it was deeply moving. The kids were so much fun, and they were so polite! Again, I couldn’t have been happier to work with the staff at The Bradley Center, and I look forward to doing more soon!”

Thank you for supporting the Bradley Bisons Basketball team! These donations will help give our kids the confidence they need to succeed on and off the court!