Gifts come to the children at Bradley in many different forms. Some months ago we had the opportunity to purchase a 3.5 acre tract of land that was only two properties away from our campus, where we have used every inch of outdoor space for the children to play and heal. The challenge was to find a way for the children to get to our new property without walking along the edge of the road. That’s when Diehl Automotive and the Fadgen family offered to donate strips of their land to The Bradley Center so that we could build a safe trail to our new property! The children are so grateful for their generosity!

We have big plans for this new space including building a pavilion, a ball field, and a garden which will be accessed by the Diehl and Fadgen Trail. This will give us the opportunity to do programming in a healing outdoor space. Some of the children who come to Bradley are from cities, and they have not had a chance to romp outside and play games. Others come from rural areas and miss being outdoors. This space will meet the needs of both. This is the first time in our 117 year history that Bradley has received gifts of property! Gifts do come in many forms! We are so grateful to both Diehl Automotive and the Fadgen Family.