The Board of Trustees of The Bradley Center is made up of dedicated individuals who give their time, attention, and heart to further the Mission of our agency. The Bradley Center would not be the place it is without each person who has served on the board over the course of our history. Together we have worked to build our agency into a space for healing and hope.

At the helm of our board is Eugene J. Zappa. Gene has announced that he will be stepping down from his role at the end of this year. Gene has served on the board since 2009 and been Board Chair for over a decade. We will miss is genuine caring, generosity, and leadership. We are so grateful for his many years of service and the ways he has enhanced the work of The Bradley Center.

We are delighted to introduce the newest members of our board, Lynn Salicce and James McEvoy. Lynn is Vice President of Visionet, a technology and leadership advisory firm. Her understanding of strategy, operations, and management will be an asset to our organization. Outside of work, Lynn loves spending time with her family‚ÄĒespecially on the beach.

Jim has served as the Top IT executive for several global Manufacturing Organizations, and currently serves dual roles as Vice President of IT Strategy and Architecture at II-VI Incorporated along with being the Vice President of Information Technology for their growing Aerospace and Defense business. His strong leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills make him stand out. For his contributions at II-VI Incorporated, Jim was recognized by the Pittsburgh Technology Council as its 2010 CIO of the Year.